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Deck supports

Atlantic offers structural steel I-beams for the ramp support where others offer roll-formed sheet metal in products showing similar capacity ratings. Longevity will likely vary as these components vary.

Full-Width Rear Hinge

Atlantic provides a full-width rear hinge supported in compression (at left). Others offer two to four narrow, flat-stock hinge mounts.


Atlantic leveler Passes U.S. Navy capacity test.

Testing by U.S. Navy technicians consists of SIX drops with weight on the levelers equaling 110% of claimed capacity followed by 20 rollovers of a 110% capacity load!

Acceptable deck drop to satisfy test standards was 3” max. Atlantic’s average drop has been ¾”! No structural or operational damage was observed at the conclusion of the test.

Additional material mass helps to absorb the punishing blows of today’s lift equipment with solid wheels. The reduced structure of other products places a treat burden on curb edges, the dock area concrete and the pit’s installation work to stabilize and support the frame during impact.

Front Headers

Atlantic headers are a minimum of 8” deep to help distribute load to all beams. Some offer 6” or 4” headers. Look to see where others omit or splice this critical component.

Industry Standards and Uniform Products Testing

Atlantic has, for the last two decade, been an active proponent for the development of industry standards to assure customer that levelers meet uniform standards of capacity, performance and safety. In lieu of national standards confirmed by uniform testing procedures, the customer has little assurance that levelers of similar published capacity ratings will offer similar performance under equal loading and use. Sadly, lack of industry support has led the American society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to discontinue its dock leveler standards program.

In contrast, Atlantic has submitted its products to extremely rigorous U.S. Military testing procedures, far more demanding than those proposed for general industry certification.



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